Wheel Care

Frequency of cleaning

Dirt, moisture, stone chips and especially salt can damage your ProLine wheel without the necessary care. That this does not happen to your wheels, we will provide you with the necessary care tips.

Try to not get your ProLine wheel dirty in the first place. The rule says: the longer the wheel is in a dirty condition, the more difficult is the removal of the dirt. Also, in the winter months, your ProLine wheel has to be cleaned more frequently than in the summer months.

Detergents, but which?

Please don’t use aggressive chemicals, abrasives and lacquer thinners. Such means can damage the surface of your aluminum wheels and greatly impair the high-quality optics. Specially developed detergents and care cloths can be obtained from the well-stocked specialist retailers. Before using your wheel in winter, please note the following: 

Before mounting, make sure that the varnish, which is responsible for the protection of your aluminum wheel, has no damage. Damages, e.g. caused by stone impacts or kerbstones, can usually be repaired with little effort. Have your aluminum wheels checked before the first winter and, if necessary, professionally prepared, it is worth it!

Before storing your aluminum wheels, e.g. in winter time, you should thoroughly clean your wheels. A dry deposit is highly recommended.