Wheel Hooks

ProLine wheel hooks are the perfect solution when you want to hang your display pieces on the wall. The hooks are available in silver or black and weigh approximately 20 kg.

Single Wheel Floor Stand

Our practical single wheel floor stands pre- vents display wheels from rolling away. The wheel stand is made of sturdy plastic and is available in silver or black.

Carbon Center Cap

The new, sporty and elegant ProLine center cap in carbon look is available in three sizes for all current ProLine wheel models.

Cover Caps Black

The final touch for all black wheels in the current ProLine lineup. Suitable for supplied wheel nuts and wheel bolts.

Programming Devices TS508 + TS608

To be used with AUTEL MX sensors. You can quickly and easily find a current list of TPMS applications by visiting our website or the AUTEL website

TPMS Autel MX Sensor

Apart from AUTEL MX sensors ProLine also provides you with service sets and spare parts kits together with comprehensive expert advice.